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“So excited to read Aurel Lyra ‘s second book “Freemaking”! The first book “Hologenics” is a life changer, so beautifully put together, I dare to say I have never read anything alike, very powerful. I have no doubt this one will not disappoint, I mean already started reading and already mind blown! Thank you so much for blessing us with your words! You have no idea the effect It’s having in our development as souls and creative beings. It’s an honor to share this timeline with great souls like you.”

“Simply put – best book ever. I purchased the audio version, but will be ordering the book for my library soon. I want to read it again & again. I NEED MORE! I give this book and audio version an infinite amount of stars.”

“The genius of Hologenics is in its transformation of complexity to simplicity. It is a classic.”

“This one is beyond description because there’s nothing like it. Every page or so I set it down to stare into nowhere… I love it.”

“This is a groundbreaking manual and guide for being a human in a post singularity world. I couldn’t stop reading it once I began, and would get up at dawn to continue my journey in the book… It is dense, but flows like water.”

“…like entering a portal to other realms, every time I open it. I see something different every time. In that way, it is rather like entering into the mystery of the universe itself.”

“This book immediately captured me. I couldn’t put it away or stop thinking about it before I finished…it wonderfully explained to me what I was experiencing over the last year or so. So I was nodding along thinking “Yes. Yes! YEEEEEEESSSS!“”

“Listening to part one with chills. Bravo. You’re spot on… So very very good.”

“I’ve had hologenics for a while now. Read the fist chapter, then it’s sat on my shelf, until a few days ago, when I read a bit more, and yesterday a little more. It’s been difficult. Smacking me in the face. Like you wrote it just for me.”

“Thank you! This is one of the most exciting things to fall in my lap in a very long time! I’m setting up my bluetooth speakers right now for hyper-dimensional story time at dinner!”

“It’s not a logical discourse in any way. Some may even dismiss it as woo. But might I say – it’s the finest woo I have read ever. But for a psychonaut and/or a spiritual seeker for the diamonds – this is one of them.”

“Aww you did an amazing job, you let the universe’s love flow in you to wake people up. I showed the book Hologenics to depressed people and your message made them understand, clear and became better than before. Thank you for guiding people to the truth, the book is a true treasure to me.”

“You actually tread a beautifully measured fine line with no hint of rant or sermonising. I would vomit at first sight of any New Age guff and it steers clear of any of that. There are lovely subtle tiny twists of humour, tilting of the mirror – or maybe prism.”